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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

How SkyPoint Stacks Up In The Internet Market

Why Did We Include This Section?

The Internet access marketplace has become a scary place for consumers looking for a good deal and good service. Literally hundreds of Johnny-come-lately providers with under a hundred customers have popped up in basements all over the country. Even well-established providers are coming under fire for busy signals, poor customer support, and an inability to take on new customers because of insufficient equipment to meet demands. SkyPoint believes that consumers have the right to know the straight story on what they're buying.

Recently, articles have popped up on what customers want most from Internet service providers, and on how to select a good provider. Among the values that customers are looking for are:

SkyPoint has met these challenges and is proud of the service it provides. Our members come to us because of our good reputation and stay because we deliver on our promise of quality month after month.

SkyPoint's Reliability

SkyPoint has provided Internet service to the public since October, 1994. Before that, its staff members provided similar services to corporations and educational institutions for 10 years. We grew up with the Internet, and our know-how comes from years of experience in the field. SkyPoint has grown steadily since it began offering services to the public, and was rated in 1996 by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune as the second largest Internet service provider in the state, after MRNet. SkyPoint has established a permanent presence as a Minnesota Internet service provider, and will be taking care of its customers' needs on into the future.

SkyPoint believes in improving its systems as technology changes, always making its services more robust and less vulnerable to intrusion. Our system is constantly monitored, and staff is always on call in the event of a service outage or other difficulty. Nobody can promise that problems will never arise - but it's good to know that when you rely in your Internet access, your Internet service provider takes your needs seriously and will get you up and running with as little disruption as possible.

SkyPoint's War On Busy Signals

Everyone is talking about modem-to-user ratios. While 10-to-1 ratios have been cited as the cure for busy signals, SkyPoint believes in a more direct solution. Since SkyPoint came on-line, its goal was always a generous 8-to-1 ratio - but that was only the starting point.

SkyPoint monitors its modem usage. As each new call comes in, it goes to the first available modem. That means that if the very last modem in SkyPoint's lineup gets used, the next caller will get a busy signal. When that happens, we know that it's time to add a new modem to the pool and prevent our members from ever experiencing the annoyance of having to dial in over and over. Our members don't think that getting connected on the first try is a treat - they've come to expect it all day, every day.

SkyPoint's Technical Support Team

We all know how frustrating it is to need technical help. That frustration only gets worse when the technical support team can only be reached by a long-distance call, is staffed by amateurs with crib notes, requires additional fees, or won't give you the personal service you deserve. SkyPoint knows that its customers want a higher level of support.

Our technical support staff is hired from qualified applicants who know how to listen to our members' problems and walk them step by step through a solution. We provide local support and get to know our members individually. We even help out our members with software problems on packages we didn't provide. And SkyPoint technical support is always free. We won't sell our customers Internet access then leave them hanging - we provide a total Internet solution!

SkyPoint's Pricing Philosophy

SkyPoint services are priced honestly - no gimmicks, no cut corners, no hidden costs. While some services jockey for new business by trying to underprice their competition, market pundits are predicting the demise of up to half the existing Internet service providers because of these tactics! In the mean time, the general service quality has been going down. SkyPoint's pricing is extremely competitive while allowing us to keep offering the services that make being a SkyPoint member a joy.


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