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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

SkyPoint's Non-Profit Opportunities

  • Substantial Savings On Domain Names
    Registering your own .org domain with the InterNIC adds substantial cost to many non-profit accounts in both setup and yearly re-registration fees. Many names are already taken, leaving your organization with sometimes difficult choices in selecting a recognizable, easy-to-use domain name.

    SkyPoint Communications owns the domain, which allows us to add your organization's name to it in the format Because we control the domain, your name is not registered with InterNIC, saving you at least $100 in setup fees alone. Because many nonprofit organizations have offices in several states or have similar names to other nonprofits, this service prevents the headaches of trying to find a unique name to register; if the national organization has already registered the domain, a state office can use with no confusion. Instead, it simplifies the choice of domain names by letting your organization use its most recognizable name and by defining it immediately as a Minnesota nonprofit.

    For organizations based in Duluth, Minnesota, SkyPoint can also offer the same service with the domain!

  • Inexpensive Internet Service Options
    SkyPoint is proud to offer high-quality, reliable service with options to save your organization time and money. Use e-mail to increase your communications without breaking your postage budget. The World Wide Web and Usenet can help your staff research topics and keep up with the latest information on a huge variety of subjects. You can even fax and hold teleconferences over the Internet without any long distance telephone bills or expensive hardware or software.

    We know that nonprofit financial resources are often limited, so we offer some services at a discounted rate. Call us about our multiple e-mail discounts and Web authoring and hosting packages. You'll be surprised how far SkyPoint can take you with a very minimal investment!


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